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Exo Terra Mealworms For Reptiles 34G

27.11 SAR

Exoterra - Cholla Cactus Skeleton Sm

The cholla cactus is native to the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico - the Sonoran Desert. The cholla is a tree-like plant with one low-branching trunk that grows to heights of 4 m or 12 ft. They grow in thick bushes which form the perfect hide-out for many reptile species. Many species live around these bushes and seek refuge when threatened by predators, or simply to escape from the hot desert sun. Especially the skeleton is a great hiding spot for many reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates! Key Features : Perfect Hide-out
Very natural look and feel
Copied from nature
Sustainable alternative to the real cactus
40.91 SAR

Exoterra - Primate Skull Small

A proper hiding area is an often underestimated and necessary feature of a natural terrarium. Without a safe spot to hide and sleep, reptiles and amphibians will easily develop stress that will affect their activity and appetite. Hideouts often also provide a shelter and/or a cooler and moister area in the terrarium. The new Exo Terra Primate Skull hide out is designed with multiple entrances for easy access and adds an extra dimension to the terrarium setup. The perfect hiding place for your reptile! Key Features : Realistic fossilised skulls
Integrates in any type of terrarium
Provides a secure hiding place
Helps to prevent stress
Made from food-grade resin
39.41 SAR

Exoterra - Turtle Bank - Small 16 X12X3Cm-V

The Exo Terra Turtle Bank is a unique floatation basking area for aquatic turtles. Held in place by magnets, the Exo Terra Turtle Bank can be positioned in the corner of the terrarium to maximize swimming area. Auto adjusting to all water levels, the submerged ramp allows turtles easy access to a dry basking area for maximum exposure to heat and UVB lamps. Key Features : Available in 3 sizes to accommodate any sized aquatic turtle terrarium
Integrates easily into any aquatic terrarium setup
Automatically adjusts to all water levels
Kept in position with magnets (incl.)
Submerged ramp for easy access in and out of the water
Ideal basking or terrestrial area for semi-aquatic animals
Small: 16.6 x 12.4 x 3.3 cm / 6.54" x 4.88" x 1.3"
97.6 SAR

Exoterra - Turtle Bank- Medium 29 X17 X5 Cm V

102.41 SAR