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Camon Cat Shampoo 200 Ml

Deeply Cleanses, Respecting The Structure Of Each Type Of Hair. It Has An Absorbing, Healing And Restarting Action, Thanks To The Green Clay, And Therefore Makes The Coat Healthier And Stronger; Vegetable Collagen Is Similar To One Of The Main Components Of The Fundamental Substance Of The Dermis, And Gives Support And Resistance To The Entire Skin Structure, Giving Compactness, Tone, Elasticity And Strength; Castor Oil Has Reinforcing, Restructuring, Softening Properties And Increases The Resistance Of The Hair. Soy Proteins Nourish And Regenerate The Hair And Skin With Their Essential Amino Acids. In This Preparation, Those Raw Materials With High Sebum-Balancing, Absorbent And Antistatic Power Have Been Further Concentrated, Which Make The Cat'S Fur Soft, Shiny And Easy To Comb.
56.3 SAR

Camon Placemat -Cat-B-43X28Cm

Placemat for cats, the perfect accessory to keep your floor clean and hygienic.
20.5 SAR

Camon Set Of Tooth Brushes

Regular teeth cleaning helps prevent tartar and gum diseases.
This set includes 6 different toothbrushes to ensure the best dental health possible.
Two toothbrushes with double heads and four fingertip brushes, perfect for cleaning the inner, outer and upper crown of your petÕs teeth with maximum effectiveness. - Suitable for animals of all sizes
- deep dental cleaning
- plaque & tartar control
41.91 SAR

Pet Luv Cats Conditioner Rosmary 250Ml

76.51 SAR

Camon Cat Litter Box Mat Eva 45X54Cm

This special mat prevents your cat from spreading litter or urine residues on your floor.
The particular honeycomb shape of the upper layer collects the sand residues from your catÕs paws and transfers them to the lower waterproof layer. Just lift the top layer for easy emptying and cleaning. ¥ Convenient and light, made of EVA material
Â¥ Its waterproof bottom layer prevents liquids from passing through
Â¥ Provided with straps for easy cleaning
Â¥ Helps to save time
101.71 SAR