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Aurum - One Of The Preparations Of The Aurum Vetos Farma Line For The Care Of Healthy Ear Canals Of Dogs And Cats. Aurum - A Mixture Of Chlorhexidine, Specific Oxyethylene Surfactants, Propylene Glycol, In A Neutral, Non-Irritating, Ear-Specific Base With Strong Cleaning And Degreasing Properties, As Well As Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate And Sodium Laurine Sulfate. In The Case Of Initiating Ear Hygiene In Animals With Neglected Ear Canal, Washing Should Be Carried Out For 7 Days Daily. After Obtaining Adequate Cleanliness, The Activity Should Be Repeated No More Than Once A Week. Use
Make Sure That The Liquid Is Not Cold Before Serving. Gently Fill The Entire Ear Canal With The Solution. Then Gently Grasp Part Of The Ear Canal And Massage Upwards. In This Way, The Fluid Is Moved Up And Down And The Loose Secretions Flush Towards The Auricle. Then Allow The Animal To Remove Any Excess Product By Itself By Shaking Its Head Vigorously. The Opening Of The Ear Canal And The Auricle Should Be Dried With A Soft Paper Towel Or Cotton Pad. Do Not Put Human Ear Cleaning Sticks Into The Ear Canal!For More Thorough Cleaning, The Ear Canal After Cleaning Aurum Should Be Rinsed With Aurum 2, Aurum 3 Or Aurum 4 As Needed. Shake Well Before Use. Please Consult Your Veterinarian Before Use.
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