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Picture of Caniglo 200 Ml

Caniglo 200 Ml

102.41 SAR
Caniglo Is A Cold-Pressed, Tasty Liquid Feed Supplement Made From 100% Pure Cod Liver Oil. It Is Rich In Omega 3 And 6 Essential Fatty Acids, Which Are Not Common In The Animal'S Body And Must Be Added To The Diet. An Adequate Supply Of Essential Fatty Acids Helps Maintain A Healthy And Soft Shiny Coat, Which Is Therefore Resistant To Skin Diseases. Ingredients Caniglo Contains 100% Pure Cod Liver Oil. Fabric Amount In 10 Ml Omega 3 Fatty Acids 2,055 Mg Omega 6 Fatty Acids 693 Mg Omega 9 Fatty Acids 2,035 Mg Eicosapentaenoic Acid (Epa) 601 Mg Docosahexaenoic Acid (Dha) 897 Mg Vitamin A 8 325 Iu Vitamin D 832 Iu Dosage Category (Weight) Daily Dose Small Dogs (Up To 5 Kg) 2.5 - 5 Ml Medium Dogs (5 - 15 Kg) 5 - 7.5 Ml Large Dogs (15-30 Kg) 7.5 - 10 Ml Very Large Dogs (> 30 Kg) 10 - 15 Ml Mix The Tasty Oil Into The Feed. Each Caniglo Package Comes With A Dosing Pump That Dispenses 2 Ml.
Picture of Furinaid Plus For Cat'S 200 Ml

Furinaid Plus For Cat'S 200 Ml

176.01 SAR
Furinaid Plus Is A Feed Supplement For Cats Containing N-Acetyl Glucosamine & L-Tryptophan In Palatable And Convenient Liquid Form. Daily Feeding Will Help Reduce Stress And Will Nutritionally Support The Glycosaminoglycan Levels In The Mucosal Barrier Of The Bladder Wall. Furinaid Plus Is Suitable For Feeding To Cats With Bladder Disorders.
Picture of Multipet Complex 200 Ml

Multipet Complex 200 Ml

92 SAR
Balanced Combination Of Essential Vitamins And Minerals Trm Multivit Complex Liquid For Dogs Is A Balanced, Complete Everyday Vitamin And Trace Mineral Feed Supplement For Dogs And Is Suitable For All Breeds And Ages. Multivit Complex Contains The Essential Vitamins And Minerals Needed For General Good Health, Energy And Vitality And Is Suitable For All Breeds And Ages. Multivit Complex Can Be Fed To Undernourished Or Orphaned Puppies, Working Dogs, Racing Dogs, Pregnant Bitches, Dogs Recovering From Illness And Senior Dogs. Size: 200 Ml & 500 Ml. Instructions For Proper Use: Mix Multivit Complex Well Into The Feed. Feed Each Dog Individually. Small Dogs (Up To 5 Kg): 2 Ml Medium Dogs (5 Kg To 15 Kg): 4 Ml Large Dogs (15 Kg To 30 Kg): 6 Ml Very Large Dogs (Over 30 Kg): 8 Ml A Dosing Pump Is Included Which Dispenses 1 Ml Composition: Lecithin, Dextrin Additives Per 1 Ltr: Vitamin A 250,000 I.U. E671 Vitamin D3 26,833 I.U. Dl-Methionine 20,000 Mg Vitamin E 1,500 I.U. Niacinamide 1,216 Mg D-Pantothenic Acid 1,046 Mg Vitamin B2 365 Mg Vitamin B1 160Mg Vitamin B6 110Mg Vitamin K 80Mg Folic Acid 19 Mg Biotin 10Mg Vitamin B12 2,500Mcg Trace Elements Per 1 Ltr 3B603 Zinc (As Zinc Oxide, Gluconated) 4,270 Mg E1 Iron (As Ferrous Citrate) 2,135 Mg E4 Copper (As Copper Sulphate) 426 Mg E5 Manganese (As Manganese Carbonate, Gluconated) 341 Mg 3B201 Iodine (As Potassium Iodide) 44 Mg E8 Selenium (As Sodium Selenite) 17 Mg Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 2.4%, Crude Oil 2.9%, Crude Fibre 0.5%, Crude Ash 1.9%, Moisture 87.4%, Sodium 0.0263%.
Picture of Stride Plus Feline For Cat'S 160 Ml

Stride Plus Feline For Cat'S 160 Ml

154.1 SAR
Stride Plus Hyaluronic Acid Is A New Generation Mobility Supplement For Cats. It Is Used For The Nutritional Maintenance Of Healthy Cartilage And Joints. Daily Feeding Of This Fast Acting Solution Will Assist In The Maintenance Of Joint Mobility. Impaired Function Of Skeletal Joints Can Dramatically Reduce Joint Flexion, Movement And Mobility. Cats With Joint Problems Will Generally Not Limp Like A Dog And Recognising Joint Disease Can Be Difficult. Behavioural Changes Are A Good Indicator Of Severe Pain. Hip Dysplasia Is Very Common In Cats And Will Often Be A Significant Cause Of Pain And Decreased Mobility With Age. Symptoms To Look For Include: Decreased Appetite, Poor Grooming And Matted Hair Coat, Urinating And Defecating Outside The Litter Box, Reluctance To Walk Or Jump Reduced Movement.
Picture of Trm Stride Plus For Dogs 200Ml

Trm Stride Plus For Dogs 200Ml

140.3 SAR
A Supplementary Feedstuff For The Management Of Joint And Mobility Problems In Dogs And Cats. It Is 100% Vegan And Extremely Palatable.
Picture of TRM Canigest Combi for Dog and Cat 16ML

TRM Canigest Combi for Dog and Cat 16ML

63.25 SAR
Picture of TRM Multiplex Powder for Dog and Cat 200g